Management Qualifications - Profile

Who should undertake the Effective Management or First Line Management qualifications?

The Level 3 ILM management qualifications are targeted at individuals who are currently in a management role or aspire to be in such a role in the near future.


There are no formal entry requirements, but participants will:

  • normally be either practising or aspiring first line managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands
  • have a background that will enable them to benefit from the programme – which is likely to be Level 2 Key Skills Literacy and numeracy or their equivalent
  • Learners who are sponsored by their employers and those who choose to develop their skills independently to benefit their future career are equally eligible.

Definition of a First Line Manager

The Insititute of Leadership and Management has a clear definition on the role of a first line manager.What distinguishes first line managers from middle managers is that they have very limited budgetary responsibility.  They may make decisions about resource utilisation but the budgetary accountability for these resources exists at a higher level.  They are also limited in the range of decisions they can make compared to middle managers, with all delegated decision making heavily circumscribed by rules or procedures. 

Our Approach

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