Effective Team Member Skills

Effective Team Member Skills

The ILM Level 2 Award and Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills is ideal for anyone looking to consolidate or improve their ability to work successfully as part of a team, and to understand team dynamics for future leadership roles.

Concise Qualifications

The Award is a concise qualification giving team members the basic knowledge of the roles, functions, and responsibilities which exist within a team. The Certificate develops this knowledge and the practical skills required to become a more effective team member and, ultimately, a team leader.

Inclusive Access has chosen key units which combine to provide all participants with a good solid grounding in team member skills. If you want to undertake a unit not listed in our key units, contact us to incorporate this into your qualification.

Credit Value

Each unit is assigned a credit value. To complete the Award in Effective Team Member Skills, you must successfully study one unit with a value of 3 credits. The certificate requires two units with a combined total of 13 credits to be completed.

Download course details

Effective Management Learning Outcomes Effective Management Learning Outcomes (224 KB)

Effective Team Member Skills Learning Outcomes Effective Team Member Skills Learning Outcomes (207 KB)

First Line Management Learning Outcomes First Line Management Learning Outcomes (209 KB)

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our training is centred on the individual needs of the learners.If you want to discuss your training needs in more detail, contact us today on 0151 653 7111 or e-mail access@inclusiveaccess.co.uk.