Effective Management
Learning Outcomes


Understanding change
in the workplace
  1. Understand change in an organisation
  2. Understand the effects of change on people and finance in an organisation


Planning change
in the workplace
  1. Understand the forces for change in an organisation
  2. Understand planning for change in an organisation
  3. Understand continuous improvement in an organisation


Achieving objectives through time management
  1. Know how to use effective time management to prioritise and achieve objectives


Solving problems and making decisions
  1. Know how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact
  2. Know how to gather and interpret information to solve a problem
  3. Know how to solve a problem
  4. Know how to plan the implementation and communication of decisions


Managing projects
  1. Know how to manage a simple workplace project
  2. Understand the costs and benefits resulting from a workplace project


Developing yourself and others
  1. Know how to identify development needs and develop self and others to achieve organisational objectives


Introduction to leadership
  1. Understand leadership styles
  2. Understand leadership qualities and review own leadership qualities and potential


Understanding the communication process in the workplace
  1. Understand the communication process and relevant communication media
  2. Know how to increase information awareness in the workplace


Effective meetings for managers
  1. Know how to manage and contribute to a meeting


Recruiting, selecting and inducting new staff in the workplace
  1. Know how to plan to recruit
  2. Know how to select the right person
  3. Understand the induction process

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