Effective Team Member Skills
Learning Outcomes

UUnit M2.34

Developing yourself as an
Effective Team Member
  1. Understand what is meant by teams and teamwork
  2. Understand the importance of communication within a team
  3. Know how to deal with conflict in a team
  4. Review own performance as a team member

Unit M2.33

Developing Effective
Team Member Skills
  1. Understand responsibilities for health and safety within the organisation
  2. Understand the legal requirements as a team member
  3. Know how to contribute towards solving problems
  4. Communicate effectively with the team
  5. Understand what is required when communicating with those outside the team
  6. Know how to contribute to a positive work environment within a diverse team
  7. Understand how to use physical resources efficiently
  8. Know how to manage yourself and your time in line with your team goals
  9. Know how to manage yourself in a stressful situation

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