ILM Assessment Notes

ILM 1-2-1 support All units in every qualification will be assessed. There are mandatory and optional units. ILM provides the assessments for the mandatory units and we follow each one of these as provided by ILM.


For optional units we use some of the templates provided by ILM and we have designed some integrated assessments of our own and had them approved by ILM.
This means some assessment tasks cover 2 or 3 units at a time which will means less stress for you.

ILM provide standard assessment guidelines which you will find in your course induction pack.

•    Where stated, select topics in your own organisation and/or area of work, (or within another organisation if you are currently unemployed)

•    You may wish to discuss your choice of topics with your line manager or tutor prior to writing up your assessment(s)

•    Structure your work by using the headings shown in bold when writing up your assessments

•    An approximate word count is shown for each mandatory assessment.  This should be seen as a guide only, to help you achieve a balanced piece of work

•    The total marks available for each section and the minimum required to pass is shown in brackets on each mandatory assessment

•    The overall pass mark is 50 marks, but you also have to achieve the minimum marks in each section on the mandatory assessment

•    Candidates must achieve half the total marks (i.e.: at least 50 per cent) for each optional assessment

•    Study the assessment criteria shown for each unit carefully and check to see that your work “measures up” before you submit

•    Whilst you will not be penalised for weak spelling and grammar, you should remember that this may affect the meaning of your document.  It is therefore expected that appropriate attention be given to such matters  

•    Remember that your tutor is there to support and guide you

•    All material will be kept confidential and secure as far as is reasonably possible

•    Ask your tutor if you are not sure about the submission date

•    Ensure that you do your own work and do not plagiarise work from others.  If you are not sure what is meant by plagiarism speak to your tutor who will clarify, or may provide you with some notes produced by ILM in the Centre Manual

Our Approach

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