Our delivery model for ILM

ILM 1-2-1 support 

We have given a lot of careful thought and planning to the delivery of the ILM qualifications to ensure they offer the best possible learning opportunity to those who choose to study with Inclusive Access.


Experienced and highly qualified tutors: 
to train team leaders and managers we believe you need to be taught by people who are team leaders or managers, with a proven track record in business. Our tutors have the experience and expertise to support you to achieve your ILM goals.

Balanced programmes of study: blending types of learning such as workshops, tutorials, workbooks and flexible timetabling.

A commitment to quality assurance and access for all: we are part of the largest disability charity in the North West and we have grown to be so because of our ethos of fairness and equality in everything we do.

Continuous Improvement and reflection: the way to increase personal and organisational performance is learn, reflect, evaluate and change the way we do things based on what we have learnt.

This is represented in the Learning Cycle:

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Our Approach

Our training is centred on the individual needs of the learners.If you want to discuss your training needs in more detail, contact us today on 0151 653 7111or  e-mail access@inclusiveaccess.co.uk.

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