Team Leading Learning Outcomes

Level 2 Team Leading Learning Outcomes


Developing yourself as a
Team Leader
  1. Understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of the team leader; and the limits of his/her authority and accountability
  2. Know how to seek, accept and respond positively to feedback on personal performance to improve workplace performance


Motivating the work team
to perform
  1. Understand the organisation’s requirements in relation to individual performance
  2. Understand how to address underperformance
  3. Understand what motivates people


Planning and
monitoring work
  1. Understand how to work within the organisation’s policies, procedures and priorities
  2. Understand how to plan and allocate work
  3. Understand how to monitor a team’s work


Fulfilling Customer
  1. Know how to fulfil customer requirements
  2. Understand the importance of collecting and analysing customer feedback


Maintaining a healthy and safe
work environment
  1. Understand responsibilities for health and safety
  2. Know how to conduct a risk assessment of the team’s work environment
  3. Understand the importance of conserving energy and natural resources


Diversity in the Workplace
  1. Contribute to the creation of a positive environment in the workplace
  2. Know how to deal with difficulties that may arise as a result of conflicting individual values and organisational expectations


Workplace Communication
  1. Understand the communication process
  2. Understand methods of communication
  3. Understand the importance of maintaining accurate records of one-to-one communication


Leading your work team
  1. Understand the difference between leadership and management
  2. Understand a range of leadership styles, their use and potential impact on individuals and outputs
  3. Understand self-managed teams


Managing Yourself
  1. Know how to manage yourself and your time in line with team and organisational goals
  2. Know how to manage own stress

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