What is a Team Leader?

Team Leader

The Institute of Leadership and Management has clear guidelines on the profiles and job responsibilities that map to each of their qualifications in order to ensure that businesses and individuals are getting quality training at the right level for maximum effect.

Definition of a Team Leader

Team leaders are part of the team; first and foremost they are practitioners or operators working alongside other team members. Being a leader of a team adds to this role, but the individual still carries out the same or complementary job tasks as the other team members. 

The team leader role focuses on the short term, on the day-to-day performance of the team and its members.  This means a responsibility for allocating tasks between team members, for ensuring that individuals are supported in their job role, and that output meets the requirements of the organisation and its customers.  Communication between the team and its managers is a significant part of the team leader role.

Team leaders should be aware of the need to satisfy customer or supplier requirements as agreed by the organisation, and to be alert to these requirements as they are notified to the team.  Team leaders are expected to encourage team members to respond appropriately to these requirements.).  The team leader’s decision-making primarily reflects the perceived superior technical competence or experience rather than being a managerial quality.

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