Clinical Commissioning Groups 

CCG which means "Clinical Commissioning Groups" are part of the UK National Health Service, or NHS of the UK. It was setup in 2012 by the Health and Social Care Act to deliver and organise NHS services, and in many aspects replaced the role of the regional
Primary Care Trusts, or PCT's since April 2013.


Clinical Commissioning Groups are group legal by GP groups in that area with the aim to give GPs and other clinicians
elements of control on commissioning decisions for their patients, but overseen by England NHS. All GP practices must belong to a
clinical commissioning group.

CCG manage primary care commissioning, this includes NHS contracts for example GP surgeries and social care.
The CCG are tightly regulated each is run by a governing body and has its own constitution. CCG will have, in addition to GPs, at least one registered nurse
and a doctor who is a secondary care specialist.

THE CCG role was outline in a 2010 white paper "Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS" as part of the UK Governments desire to create a medically driven commissioning process that was closer to the needs of patients. The white paper became law to which there are over 211 CCG across England.

Regional Links


Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group - NHS Wirral Clinical website is‎
Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group are responsible for commissioning health services for the residents of Wirral.

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning group NHS Liverpool website is‎
The Liverpool CCG is made up of the 95 General Practices in the city.

West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group - NHS West Cheshire website
West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is made up of our 37 GP Practices

Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (ECCCG) NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG website is‎
NHS Eastern Cheshire is made up of 23 Eastern Cheshire based GP practices.

South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group NHS South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group website